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Is an online degree the way to go?
Maybe, maybe not. These valid points can help you decide.
It’s FAFSA time–have you applied?
A new FAFSA application needs to be submitted each year. Don’t wait!
7 Stress Busters for Students
Don’t let stress keep you down.
NAU Alum Wins National Recognition
Chris Barnes received the National Distinguished Principal Award.
Personalized Learning: You CAN!
This man is 59. He completed his degree. What's stopping you?
How Many Credits Should You Take?
Find out how many credit hours you should be taking per semester.
NAU Honored At PVCC Awards Reception
PVCC Awards Honors to NAU and 2 Former NAU Students
NAU Education Alums Honored
2016 Exemplary Teachers announced by the Rodel Foundation.
Social Media + Your Employability = ??
Want the job? Be careful what you post on social media!
NAU Ranked In Best For Vets
NAU is recognized as a top school for vets and military students.
Write The Perfect Cover Letter
Your cover letter is so important. Make that first impression count!
Creative ways to afford your degree
You can afford to get your degree- we uncover creative ways to do it.
Pros & Cons Of Taking A Winter Class
Find out if it’s right for you.
There's Strength In Numbers
Want a good stress reliever? Try forming a study group.
10 Quotes To Motivate
All the inspiration you need.
Simple Strategies To Ace Midterms
Ready for midterm exams? If not, these tips will help you conquer them.
Do’s And Don’ts Of Professional Emails
Read this before you hit send.
Struggling In Your Classes? Get Help
Check out all of the free resources available to you.
Steps To Ensure Success In School
Ease into the transition of your new life.
Go Back To School And Get Ahead
More adults are going back to school—are you ready to up your game?
First Semester Starter Kit
Your go-to guide on starting the first semester of college off right.
NAU–Yuma Social Work Grads In Demand
NAU–Yuma’s unique Social Work degree featured in the Yuma Sun.
How To Ask For A Promotion
Once you’ve earned your degree, it’s time to ask for that promotion.
5 Tips To Get To Know Your Professor
Building a strong relationship has a lot of benefits.
9 Essential Productivity Hacks
How to get more done—in less time.
Student Loan Terms Decoded
Thinking about student loans? We break down everything you need to know.
7 Steps To Make Transferring Painless
Transfer from community college to a 4-year university—minus the stress.
6 Reasons To Earn Your Master’s Degree
From a higher salary to more job offers, master’s degrees are worth it.
5 Tips To Nail That Job Interview
How to put your best foot forward during your next job interview.
Higher Education Terms Decoded
Your go-to guide on all things higher ed.
Social Media Networking Tips
How to use social media to build your online professional presence.
Students Inducted Into Honor Society
NAU students join Tau Sigma, an Honor Society for transfer students.
NAU Graduates Honored In Yuma
NAU alumni won in 4 categories at the Yuma Teacher of the Year Awards.
5 Tips For Your Advising Appointment
Preparing for your appointment will help ensure your academic success.
NAU Ranked Top Online College
Best College Reviews ranked NAU the #1 Online College in the country.
8 Habits Of Straight-A Students
Adopt these simple habits and watch your grades soar.
What Is Joint Admission?
See if the 2NAU Joint Admission program is right for you.
Why It’s Never Too Late To Go Back
5 reasons why it's not too late to earn your degree.
5 Reasons To Take A Summer Term Class
You can enroll for summer classes right now.
2NAU Scholarship Awards Over $450K
See if you qualify for this exclusive scholarship.
5 Most Common FAFSA Mistakes
The priority deadline is February 1. Don’t delay filling out the FAFSA.
Online Nursing Degrees Top-Ranked
Nonprofit Colleges Online & Super Scholar rank NAU's nursing degrees.
Get Ahead During The First Week
5 ways to start this semester strong.
2014: A Year Of Great Success
See what NAU–Extended Campuses students & graduates achieved this year
7 Career Tips For Recent College Grads
You’re a college grad! Now what? 7 tips to keep your goals on track.
NAU Partakes in ACE Alt Credit Project
NAU joins ACE's goal to boost nontraditional student attainment levels.
NAU Selected As A Top School By MAE
NAU ranked on 2015 MAE Guide to Colleges & Universities.
NAU Featured On The Balancing Act
Dr. Gordon discusses online learning trends on hit Lifetime show
Should You Take A Winter Term Class?
4 reasons why it's the right decision for you.
NAU Ranked Top College For Veterans
Second year ranked by Military Times.
5 Online Class Mistakes To Avoid
Know what's expected before earning your degree online.
The Worth Of A Bachelor’s Degree
Experts say that a bachelor's degree is still worth the investment.
Writing The Perfect College Paper
7 writing tips so that you finish this semester strong.
How To Choose The Right College
Five questions to ask yourself before you apply.
Blended Degrees: What You Need To Know
A degree that offers flexibility and in-person collaboration.
7 Misconceptions About Online Degrees
It’s time to debunk myths about online degrees.
What You Need To Know About The FAFSA
What scholarships, grants and student loans do you qualify for?
Should You Earn This Degree?
Ask these 5 questions before you change your major.
Avoid College Burnout The Right Way
Shift your strategy with these scheduling tips.
NAU Partners With The AU-ABC Program
Are you a member of the Air Force? Earning your degree just got easier.
Online Discussions: 7 Ways To Impress
Try these etiquette tips to keep the online class discussion on track.
CLEP Exam: Your Questions Answered
Is taking the CLEP exam right for you?
Graduation FAQs
What you need to know about graduating as a non-traditional student.
Before You Transfer: A Checklist
Know what steps you should take now to ensure a smooth transfer process.
The Value of a University Certificate
Can earning a university certificate really impact your success?
5 Ways To Combat Your Undecided Major
Here are five ways to kick your undecided major to the curb.
Going Back To College: Myths Debunked
The definition of the typical college student has changed.
High Rank For Online Degrees For Vets
NAU ranked among nation’s best for online degree programs for veterans.
Should You Retake That Class?
Is a do-over your best option?
Choosing The Right Internship
Ask these five questions to make the most of your internship experience.
The 411 On NAU’s 90/30 Degree Programs
Transfer up to 90 credits from your local college.
Secrets to Starting Your Own Business
Professor Dora Donovan shares her tricks of the trade.
Change Careers Without Starting Over
Our Personalized Learning experts give you the inside scoop.
AGEC: What You Need To Know
Transfer more credits from your local community college to NAU.
New 30-Credit Online MEd Track
A new emphasis in NAU's M.Ed. program: Community College & Higher Ed
Public Universities Pay Off
Public university grads earn more, study says.
Why Accreditation Matters
See how your career depends on where you earn your degree.
NAU Online Degree A “Best Buy"
The Hotel & Restaurant Management program ranked #26 in the nation.
MAdmin Program Adds 2 Online Emphases
Small Business Administration and Justice Studies is now offered.
The Truth About Class Fees
We respond to one student’s story of online fees + a short survey.
In-State Tuition For Navajo Students
Navajo Nation members qualify for in-state tuition at NAU.
The Pros & Cons Of An Online Class
Is taking an online class right for you? Here's our list of pros & cons.
2013: A Year of (Good) Change
2013 has been the year of big changes for NAU-Extended Campuses and you.
5 Tips For Going Back To College
Know what's ahead and have the plan to get there.
Transforming Higher Education
Welcome to our new website. Finding what you need just became easier.
NAU Named A Top College For Veterans
Ranked the top school for veterans in Arizona and the Southwest.
Is A Traditional Degree Right For You?
Sometimes earning a traditional college degree doesn't make sense.