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What Is Joint Admission? Your Questions Answered

by Margaret Hurst
Marketing Specialist

March 27, 2015

Joint admission programs like 2NAU make transitioning from a local community college to an accredited university seamless. 

But what does joint admission really mean? How does joint admission work? And is joint admission right for you? We answer all of your questions. 

What Is Joint Admission?

A joint admission program admits you to a four-year university while you complete your associate degree at your local college. This allows you to receive university guidance early on in your education, even before you start earning your bachelor’s degree. 

Many community colleges have university partnerships that support joint admission. See if your community college offers a joint admission program

How Does Joint Admission Work?

You can apply to the university during your first or second community college semester. In a joint admission program, you are admitted to the university as a non-degree seeking student. Once you have completed your associate degree, you can transition to earning your bachelor’s degree as a degree-seeking student at the university. 

What Are The Benefits Of Joint Admission?

A joint admission program means getting all the perks of being a university student while completing your associate degree, including:

Is Joint Admission Right For Me?

A joint admission program like 2NAU is designed for students in their first or second semester of community college who are committed to earning their bachelor’s degree. 

Are you in your third or fourth semester of community college? An associate degree graduate? You can still transfer to a university to earn your bachelor’s degree. 

When Should I Apply For Joint Admission?

Do you meet the admissions requirements for a joint admission program? Then we recommend talking to your community college advisor to learn how to apply for joint admission today. 

Watch a free online information session to learn more about 2NAU, Northern Arizona University’s joint admission program.

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