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Midterms Already? Be Prepared For The Challenge

by Jennifer Martin
Marketing Specialist

September 28, 2015

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearing the beginning of October! Along with cooler weather, football, pumpkins and spiced cider, it’ll soon be time for midterm exams. Don’t fret—this week’s blog post focuses on strategies for success with key points designed to help you ace your midterms.

Organize your class material:

You’ve been collecting notes and printing handouts since day one. Where is it all? It’s time to get organized so you can methodically review what you’ve been learning during the first half of this semester. Dig out your syllabus, read through your notes, and make a list of questions for your instructor if you need help. Your notes will make the best study guide—provided you’ve been taking notes! Remember those quizzes you’ve submitted? Print a hard copy and correct any errors—those make great study guides too, as well as the homework assignments you’ve completed so far. Your instructor’s lesson plans were thought out and progressive, as should be your notes, handouts, quizzes, etc., as a roadmap for the semester.

Keep up with assignments:

Reading your notes or class material is the best way to keep the subject matter fresh in your mind. As an adult learner, you know the importance of not falling behind—which can lead to the downward spiral you want to avoid. If you’ve taken tips from our prior blogs, you’ve likely worked out a great balance of home, work and school, so making time for homework and studying should already be part of your week. This is just a reminder to stay on top of things. Since you know that online learning takes discipline, hopefully you’ve found success in maintaining an even workflow and balance. If you haven’t, it’s not too late!

Summarize your notes by topic

As your instructor moves from one topic to another, be sure to take a few minutes and jot down a quick summary or bullet point main ideas by topic. This handy way of creating your own version of “cliff notes” will enable you to breeze through the important information that will help you recall key points and aid in midterm study prep (and then finals!).

No cramming!

If you’ve been working at a steady pace so far, there should be no need to cram info into your brain the week leading up to your midterms. This is a tip to prep for quizzes, too. Slow and steady wins the race!

What worked? What didn’t?

After your midterms are over, reflect briefly on your journey. Did you do well on your exams? If not, what could you do differently next time to help yourself? If you assess your progress piece by piece, you’ll better be able to identify where you hit the mark and where you may have missed. This will enable you to get a pulse on what needs to change and what you should do the same as you approach your next big test—your finals!

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