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Should You Retake That Class?

by Kaitlyn Wightman
Marketing Specialist

May 05, 2014

Didn’t do so hot in that one class? 

Retaking a class can be time consuming—but can be exactly what needs to happen to keep your college studies on track. 

But that’s not always the case. Sometimes retaking a class holds you back from advancing in your degree. 

So, should you retake that class? Get ready to take that class again if: 

You Need To Meet Requirements

Did you receive a failing grade in a course that’s required or a prerequisite for other classes in your degree? You can’t advance to the next course until you earn a passing grade. In this case, retaking that class is a must. 

It’s also a good idea to retake that class if the course is a foundation for upper-level courses in your degree and you don’t feel confident on the course material. 

You Want To Boost Your GPA

Does retaking the class significantly change your GPA for the better? 

NAU and Arizona community colleges have a grade replacement policy. That means if you retake the class, your GPA will reflect the higher grade earned in the class. Do note that both grades will show on your transcript. Talk to your NAU advisor to see if retaking the class will impact your GPA. 

You Get What Retaking That Class Really Means

Taking a three-credit course twice only registers as three credits—not six credits—if you retake the class. 

So if you plan to retake the class, plan to make some changes. Did other commitments get in the way last semester? Were you not so committed to your study habits? Can you retake the class with another professor? Make these changes so that you change the results of your grade the second time around. 

So, When Should I Retake That Class?

If the class is required or a pre-requisite, it’s best to retake that class as soon as possible. 

For other classes, consider enrolling once you have a plan for a better outcome. Simply repeating bad habits from last semester probably won’t produce improved results. 

Ready to retake that class now? It’s not too late to enroll for summer classes at Northern Arizona University. 

Too soon? You can always retake the class in the fall or spring semester

Not sure what to do? Discuss your options with your NAU advisor today.

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