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Taking The CLEP Exam: Your Questions Answered

by Kaitlyn Wightman
Marketing Specialist

August 04, 2014

There are several ways for you to transfer credits to earn your bachelor’s degree. You can transfer the credits you earned from your local community college. Or, you can also earn the same amount of credits of a college course by scoring well on a CLEP exam. 

A CLEP exam tests your knowledge on the same material covered in its equivalent college course. If you’re fluent in Spanish or a whiz at math, consider taking a CLEP exam to earn credit for what you already know. 

What Is A CLEP Exam?

A College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exam is a test that evaluates your level of knowledge of a particular subject including modern language, composition, math, natural sciences, social science, history or humanities. A CLEP exam rewards college credit as if you had taken the college course as well as fulfills modern language or liberal studies requirements of your bachelor’s degree. 

How Do I Pass A CLEP Exam?

In order to pass a CLEP exam, you must earn a score within the recommended percentile. Review this comprehensive list before you register for a CLEP exam. 

What CLEP Exams Are Accepted?

Your university accepts all passing CLEP exam scores that apply to the requirements of your bachelor’s degree program. Review your university’s undergraduate degree policy online or contact your advisor to confirm that the CLEP exam you want to take is accepted. 

How Long Must I Wait To Retake A CLEP Exam?

You are required to wait at least six months to repeat a CLEP exam of the same title. Your CLEP exam score will not be accepted and you will forfeit your administration fee if you take the same exam before the six-month period ends. 

Where Can I Take A CLEP Exam?

Testing locations for the CLEP exams are available around the state as well as the country. Be aware that administration fees vary by location. 

The CLEP exam is by no means the easy-way-out option to transfer credits. These tests hold the same college-level rigor and standards as classes offered by accredited universities. Make sure that you pass your CLEP exam with flying colors by scheduling plenty of time to study for the test. We recommend including these CLEP exam study tips to your current study habits. 

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