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Blended Degrees: What You Need To Know

by Kaitlyn Wightman
Marketing Specialist

October 16, 2014

You know about in-person degrees, online degrees and even online competency-based degrees like Personalized Learning

But what are blended degrees

Blended degrees offer the flexibility of an online degree as well as the personal touch of an in-person degree. If you plan to earn your degree without leaving your community, consider earning your bachelor’s or master’s degree as a blended degree. 

What Is A Blended Degree?

A blended degree means taking some courses in person and some courses online. Some classes offered in a blended degree meet both online and in person. In these classes, much of the work is completed online while still allowing time for you to meet as a class at a campus near you for lectures and discussions. 

Blended degrees are another degree option that allow you to complete coursework when it best fits in your schedule. Blended degrees also offer more diverse degree options so that you can earn the degree you want without leaving your community. 

What To Expect From A Blended Degree

Blended degrees do provide more flexibility regarding when you attend class. Remember that classes in a blended degree require as much attention and focus as classes in an online degree or an in-person degree. In a blended degree, you are encouraged to take an active, participatory role in the learning process. That means being engaging in discussions as well as collaborating with your class peers and instructor on a regular basis. 

Is A Blended Degree Right For You?

You should consider earning a blended degree if you:

  • Want to actively learn both online and in the classroom 
  • Desire both the schedule flexibility of an online degree and the personal touch of an in-person degree
  • Understand or can easily learn online learning platforms
  • Communicate strongly online and in person
  • Willing to dedicate quality time to class meetings and completing online coursework

If this sounds like you, talk to an NAU advisor today to learn more about your blended degree options in your community. 

If A Blended Degree Isn’t For You

Blended degree programs aren’t the best match for everyone. If taking all your classes online or in person is a better fit, there are still degree options for you that complement the way you learn best.

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