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  • Mission Statement

    The Yuma Branch Campus’s mission is to attract and educate students from all backgrounds through innovative programs, learning formats, student services and strong partnerships with community colleges and other stakeholders. 

    We Value:

    • Student Success Placing learner needs at the center of our academic and service planning, policies and programs.
    • Integrity Operating an ethical, honest and fair institution while demanding the same from other stakeholders.
    • Diversity Providing quality education and services to each person, regardless of background.
    • Educational Excellent Providing current and valued educational programs that benefit our communities.
    • Environmental Sustainability Operating and educating with a sense of environmental sustainability.
    • Global Engagement Developing programs and degrees that enhance global engagement.


    Student Learning Outcomes

    In addition to developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are specific to the degree that students have chosen to pursue, graduates of Northern Arizona University-Yuma Branch Campus achieve the following Student Leaning Outcomes:

    1. Communicate in a variety of formats - Graduates will demonstrate effective writing and oral communication in various formats; written: essays, technical papers, and correspondence; oral: group discussions and formal oral presentations and for various purposes: informing, explaining, debating, and teaching.
    2. Critical Thinking Skills - Graduates will be able to:
      1. Carefully interpret, analyze, and evaluate evidence, statements, graphics, questions, etc. 
      2. Construct well-supported and sustained arguments. 
      3. Justify conclusions based on well-supported arguments.
      4. Consider the perspective of people who have ideas, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that are different from their own when making decisions.
    3. Global awareness - Graduates will be able to show an awareness of and respect for the challenges and opportunities related to increased globalization particularly as it relates to living near the U.S./Mexico border. 


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  • Documentation
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  • Additional Data
    NAU-Yuma data from the NAU Planning and Institutional Research office.
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